Engaging customers has taken a new twist?

Customer engagement has been at the forefront of online marketing efforts for a while now. At least it should be. It as been crucial to the success of businesses these days as more and more potential sales are using mobile technology. In fact, recent research has declared that mobile sales alone may top $250 billion this coming year. So, how has customer engagement shifted? What does your marketing need to do to compete more effectively?

  • It is all about the branding and finding your voice and telling your stories. Your interactions will be across many channels and platforms and must stay consistent. Whether they find you at their social media platforms or in the email boxes, your branding, your story, must be the same.
  • You need to be poised to take full advantage of mobile first which means you need to find ways to increase your ROI on mobile technologies. This means you must be in constant communication and you must be everywhere that they are. You must use everything from your SEO to apps to ads.

  • Finally, it is all about making it personal and intimate. This will boost overall ROI and you must accept that quality is far more preferable to quantity. Today’s consumers are attacked by brands constantly and can often suffer from simple brand fatigue. This is where you need to stand out. You must become a viable option in their mind so that when the are ready to buy, they will remember you and your brand. Get personal with them. Show them how you will solve their problem or make their lives better than the competition. Experiment with different approaches and then stay with what is working and disregard everything else.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer