How to ensure your SEO strategy hasn’t gone cold

Nothing can seem more important to the success of your business that your SEO strategies and measures. With the speed at which business moves these days, can you really afford for your strategy and your site to get cold? To become boring or even obsolete? Here are a few strategies that you can use right now that will help your SEO and your site to stay razor sharp.

  • The first thing you need to do is a periodic review. You must review your SEO and social media strategies at least a couple of times a year. This also includes a re-evaluation of your entire site especially your landing pages. Your business morphs and pivots likely on a regular basis so your marketing and your site must keep up with those new directions. Make sure your landing pages are up to date with and changes to your products or services or with any new directions you are launching.
  • Make certain that your content and your key word strategy is in line with what customers and clients are currently looking for and expecting. If your business has changed, so does your keyword and landing page strategies. While you are doing these periodic reviews, it would be a great time to do an entire SEO technical audit on your site. This should be done regularly anyway but while you are trying to realign your SEO efforts with your new direction it would be more beneficial than ever.
  • Your growth and evolution will have to take into consideration formulating a new content strategy as well as researching and re-evaluating your long tail keywords and phrases. Confer with the various departments and concerns in your company and see where everyone is. One of your keys is keeping a close track of your customer interactions both with your present customer base and your potential customer base. This means knowing what your sales force is hearing and what kind of interactions and communications are happening out at your social media platforms. There may well be certain holes in your present customer experience situation that you have neglected to incorporate and it may be causing you to lose traffic and conversions. Consumer trends shift quickly so you must be able to make your SEO adjustments accordingly. Taking the time to periodically review where you are in your SEO journey will keep you better in touch with your future business as well as getting a proverbial step up on your industry rivals.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer