Are your Facebook ads really working? Here’s how to tell…

Your social media marketing is an extremely important part of your overall marketing and SEO strategy. The 600 pound gorillas like Facebook and Instagram can be vital tools in your quest to constantly drive more traffic. With regard to Facebook, it can offer so much in the way of targeting demographics and driving traffic that, aside from PPC campaigns, just may bring you the best return for the buck.

But, what if you have been running a campaign or two out on Facebook and the traffic is just dribbling in? If you are not getting the return you have been expecting, you may do well to check a few things:

  • The first thing to review are your goals with regard to a certain project. Many small companies don’t even sit down at the outset and outline exactly what they expect to achieve from a particular social media marketing and advertising campaign. Are you looking to just drive brand awareness or do you want your server to nearly crash because there is so much traffic? Decide where you are headed before you decide anything else.
  • Is your ad concept all wrong and how is your ad copy reflecting that? One of the advantages to using Facebook is that you can build a long term audience through the use of “likes”. By gaining these accolades, you can keep marketing your content, your message, many times without having to spend the money on another major campaign. When the traffic starts to flow, you will know that your ads are reaching the right demographic.
  • Your copy out there needs to be tight, engaging, and,even, explosive. You have but a mere 25 characters to get your audience to engage. Don’t get cute. Don’t be obtuse or misleading. Test and test again. You must find the right words that will engage your demographic every single time. The same goes for your images on a social media marketing campaign. The only way to really know what will engage your audience is to test, test, test.

Remember, you need a plan and a plan to carry out that plan. A social media marketing campaign out at Facebook can bring you some serious followers and conversions but you must decide what you are going to do, and how you are going to do it, for it to work for you over the long term.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer