Fired up customers means a fired up bottom line

Do fired up and highly engaged customers and clients really mean that much more to a company’s bottom line? As a matter of fact, as well as recent research, those companies that have highly engaged and loyal customers increase their bottom lines anywhere from 23%-30% over those businesses who don’t consider customer engagement to be that much of a priority.

  • One proven way to turn staid customers into rabid fans is through the use of video. This is especially effective with those behind the scenes look at your company and your people. When you allow your customers to know you and your business better, it allows them to form a bond with you and that bond will eventually become trust. When they trust you, they will buy from you and tell everyone they know about you.
  • The personalization of content has become the new norm yet over 80% of all companies are not tailoring and crafting content and delivery to the particular individual. This all comes back to knowing your customers and knowing where they are and what they want. That means you must be in constant communication with them be it email campaigns or answering comments at your social media platforms.
  • Get everyone involved by continuing to run special contests. This keeps interest in your brand high as people keep coming back to participate in your contest to win discounts or prizes. This goes nicely with trying to create added value for your customers. If you can solve a problem and/or make your customer’s life easier or better, then you will quite likely have customers for life.
  • Finally, try and stretch your business. Try a new venture or search for a particular niche market that is currently being ignored or under served. You can turn just customers into rabid and enthusiastic fans. It will take some planning and some execution over time. But, in the end, you will increase your traffic and conversions and you will be spreading your brand into new niches and audiences.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer