You forget about local SEO, you can forget about growth


Are you paying enough attention to your local SEO marketing efforts? The challenge with it is that it takes an extra effort to make it work and, unfortunately, most small businesses are not taking the time to do it and to do it right. It all, as always, comes down to the details. It’s not just about directories but which directories. It’s not just about location but hyperlocation.

  • The first thing that doesn’t get enough attention are the listings themselves and the accuracy, and availability, of basic information. This basic information is known as your NAP (name, address, phone number). Sounds simple but so many directory listing and local SEO efforts don’t have all of them there. Also include your website address.
  • So far, it seems, so good. Recent data from ConstantContact, however, has revealed that over 85% of all info at a local directory listing is inaccurate. And, nearly 75% of the business owners they talked to said they don’t have time to update their listings. Really? Too many are ignoring the simple things that can mean big brand awareness gains as well as conversions and in store sales.
  • Also, consistency is everything especially with regard to your basics. Your listing info and mini site can’t be different out on YELP than it is at Google+. It must all be the same everywhere and the information at the listing must be constantly checked and updated as the majority of local searchers will be looking for this. If it’s not, your SEO will suffer.


In fact, a recent marketing study the Local Search Association declares that this is exactly what people want to see in local search info.

In fact, a recent marketing study done by the Local Search Association declares that this is exactly what people want to see in local search info.


  • The fact that your business can kick butt even without a website has been proven over and over. All it really needs is a strong and complete and consistent local SEO effort. Do you need a website? These days, it is highly recommended simply for the legitimacy factor they bring these days. You really aren’t perceived as a real business unless you have one. Even if you choose to run without a website, local searchers will still come up with this:



These days, with nearly 85% of all searches being done on mobile devices while people are enroute, your local SEO has to be there. In fact, they may be trying to look for you now as they are driving through town searching for what you sell. Can they find you?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer