Does your future depend on dominating mobile?

You don’t have to know the latest marketing research stats to know that mobile devices are coming to dominate search as well as user preference. In fact, right know, mobile devices account for nearly 60% of all searches and that percentage only looks to grow in the coming year. The mobile game is fast and furious and you must be optimized for it in order to continue to rank high with your SEO and social media strategies.

  • Content creation for the mobile audience is not the same as for the desktop or laptop audience. You must engage almost immediately or risk losing them. Your immediate headlines must be emotional and must draw them in immediately. They are the key to your success. The follow up content must be relevant to the headline and must provide the emotional payoff that the audience is expecting. If you don’t do that, your brand will instantly begin to lose trust and credibility.
  • Don’t tease or try to keep anything a secret with your mobile content. The most critical information has to be out there from the outset. You can fill in the blanks later on in the content. Attention spans these days hover near zero so you must stimulate as quickly as you can. There must be clarity and a simple delivery. Keep them focused on your main points. The enemy of attention spans is, of course, any manner of distraction. You don’t want them multi tasking. You want their attention focused on only one or two concepts and ideas.
  • Break your content down into easily digestible chunks with engaging sub heads. Allow them to scan and to determine how they will absorb your content. One of the best ways to do that is by using bullet points and lists. These will break up the content and make it more readable and will keep them there longer. Strip it down to its raw basics.
  • Finally, nothing communicates better that great images and compelling video. It will break up your text content and just may be the only thing a visitor clicks on and watches. The one point about mobile audiences is that they are far more willing to watch video than non mobile audiences and they watch a tremendous amount of it. Speed is everything. What isn’t absolutely necessary must be eliminated. If your pages are loading too slowly, your audience is gone so take the time to optimize everything with a focus on speed.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer