Are the Gen Xers in your marketing mix?

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Services

Couple Shopping Online

Do you have Generation X in your SEO marketing mix? If not, why not? They are no longer the goof-offs they were proclaimed to be. They are the generation that is currently between the ages of 33-50 and they are running much of the world right now. They are the executives, the professionals, the parents, the small business owners and home owners. They are the current generation that is straddling the line between caring for themselves and their children as well as caring for parents that are well into old age.

They are a huge demographic that, believe it or not, most businesses are just ignoring. Many businesses, large and small, are just chasing the getting ancient Baby Boomers and the half asleep Millennials. The Gen Xers have the money and the needs and must be in your product and services mix so start cranking up that SEO to go after them.

Not only will they need to be care taking for elderly parents, but over a third of them, at the higher end of the age scale, still have Millennial children living at home with them. While the Gen Xers have debt, especially in student loans, they are in their physical and financial primes and you need to be targeting them. Their needs are almost countless. Making life a little easier and simpler for them could be your proverbial pot of gold.

In addition, the Gen Xers are very fluid within the generations and are important influencers. Get to them and you can get to the Baby Boomers and the Millennials as well. In addition, they are more electronics savvy than their Baby Boomer parents but were around when there were no cell phones or even the world wide web unlike the wired from birth Millennials. There are huge opportunities with them and your SEO, your content, and your products and services, need to be sculpted with them in mind.

If you can make a connection with the Gen Xers, chances are your bottom line may explode and you just may gain that valued access to the other generations as well. The Gen Xers really are an opportunity waiting to happen.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer