Getting a faster read on your SEO just got easier

The best investment any small business can make toward its success is through its SEO marketing. It is a highly scalable strategy that can fit any budget and there really is no better way to drive traffic and expand your brand awareness. Despite its proven effectiveness over the long term, too many small businesses are still not investing in SEO at all. It takes a long term investment to begin to see the startling results but many continue to shy away. There are, however, some strategies you can employ immediately that can greatly increase the speed at which you can evaluate your SEO at any point in time. The top flight SEO firms know that there are certain measurable strategies that can be put to work to achieve results that are clearer to see.

  • Setting up a priority with regard to the type of SEO tools to use and where to use them is a crucial first step. Knowing where your customer demographic is and understanding how they search for you must be an important first step. Then, look at your SEO tools like content, video, links, and such, and prioritize them according to where your customers are and what is most likely to drive them to you. Don’t expect to win and excel at everything. You simply can’t expect that. But know, too, that your rivals are going through the same thing.
  • Next, you must have certain measurable goals and an definitive plan to get there. Without these things you might just as well not bother at all and just sit back and watch your competitors blow by you. Decide what categories┬áto focus on and, perhaps, use some longer tail search phrases that will put you closer to the a first page result on a SERP. You may get lower volume but the leads will be more likely to convert.
  • Finally, you start putting the plan into action with regard to your total SEO package. Make adjustment to your site so that it loads quickly, make sure you are optimized for mobile, make sure your home page contains all of the elements that will cause it to rank highly on a SERP, make certain your content and other strategies are where they need to be so as to be the most effective. By staying on top of your SEO strategy, you can quickly size up your situation at any time and make the immediate adjustments that will improve its overall effectiveness for you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer