Gone viral yet? Here’s how…

Your marketing and advertising is everything to your business. Without it, you are going to disappear sooner rather than later. One of the great marketing dreams has always to somehow take you and your business and your content viral. Many lament the ability to go viral but it does appear that you can do it if you keep in mind certain tactics and strategies.

  • It begins with understanding sales. Most people don’t have a clue about the nature of sales including many of those who are out there selling for a living. The major thing you are selling is feeling and emotion. If your content doesn’t inspire a hard emotional response, throw it away and start again. You are not selling a house, you are selling what the house represents. You are selling dreams and potential. The legendary boxing promoter Don King, when he was once asked what he does, replied: “I am in the hope business.” And so should you be.
  • You have less than ten seconds to ensure someone will hang around long enough to finish the content or the video. This means you can’t leave the creation of potentially viral content to yourself or to the amateurs that may surround you. You know who your potential audience is so you must craft a message that will specifically ignite an emotional response from them. You should know what they need so give it to them.

  • Your titles and headline must be compelling. They must draw them in. They must make them want to click to find out more of what the title is promising. Is that easy to do? No, but you need to look at that viral content, especially out at YouTube, and take note of the titles. Most are insipid but many do exactly what they are suppose to do. Don’t mislead people with your headline. Deliver what the title promises or you credibility and trust will be gone. You will end up hurting yourself.
  • Most business based content, especially video, tends to be excruciatingly boring. You must be in their face with regard to how you are going to solve their problem or make their life better. And, remember, you have less than ten seconds to draw them in. Don’t forget those time pressures and calls to action as well as making it extremely simple for them to share your content. Finally, it comes down to distribution. You may have the greatest product or service ever conceived but if no one knows about it you are just wasting everyone’s time. Distribute the content over a broad spectrum and in as many places as you can. Go where you have never gone before and, perhaps, your content will too.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer