Google moves to make mobile searches the main priority


As recently as last month, Google moved to give searches made on mobile devices priority over any searches made on a desktop, or laptop, computer. Google, it seems, just can’t help itself with regard to actually leaving things alone. So, what does this new disruption mean for your business and your SEO marketing strategies?

It is no secret that for the past five years or so, mobile searches have vastly begun to outnumber those searches made from desktops or laptops. The Google bots and spiders are still making their SERP results as they have been doing but Google announced earlier in November that it was going to experiment with making mobile searches come up as the priority. Google, it says, wants to give the mobile user a more comprehensive experience so it will be ranking sites on their mobile ready abilities.

Google will now be using mobile content and sites to rank sites coming up in a SERP. As Google continues to live on whim and the chaos creating do-gooder mindset, SEO marketing, and marketers in general, will need to be watching out for whatever algorithm changes Google may be making in the early months of next year. Thus far, the testing of this new mobile search priority has been small and select, but Google may begin to run with it in the next few months or so.

For now, you need to probably consolidate your desktop and mobile SEO strategies. It may be prudent to make certain that both of your sites contain all of the same content for now. Google will be searching mobile enhanced sites first, There will not be any double indexing for desktops and mobile units.

If your mobile site efforts have been rather half baked, you had best be prepared to drop in your overall rankings. The dictator Google, it appears, wants mobile sites to be as effective, engaging and informational as the desktop sites now are. It is likely to be a rather volatile couple of months until, once again, the world tries to adjust to whatever Google thinks search should be. Small businesses around the world, Google seems to think, have little else to do than to wait with the proverbial bated breath to see what Google’s version of search reality will be next.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer