Great social media ROI is a matter of…

Too many small businesses take too relaxed an approach when it comes to their social media marketing efforts. They often tend to see it as an extra something to get to when their is time. Others, however, see the inherent value of having a strong social media marketing strategy. But, how to measure any success to be had? How to boost your ROI and identify those strategies that are actually working?

  • The most effective way to boost your social media ROI is to make certain your brand is in the right place. Know your demographic and know which social platforms you are most likely to find them at. Your content is directly related to the success and the increase in ROI. Original content, especially video content, is the best. But, it is difficult to maintain over time so curate some related engaging content to mix things up.
  • Sound strategies means sound due diligence and sound research. You are not the only player in the game. Your competition is out there too. Keep an eye on them. See what is working and what isn’t. Always try to innovate and exceed what the others are doing. Tell your brand’s story. Show them why they need your company to make their lives better or to solve an immediate problem.

  • Having specific goals is critical to boosting your ROI. They must be measurable and you must keep the social media team focused on those measurable goals. Along with valuable engaging content, there must also be certain motivations to accompany your calls to action. Coupons and contests, as well as immediate discounts, are some of the proverbial tried and true ways of doing that.
  • Be true to who you are and constantly engage with your visitors. Keep the dialogue flowing and make those personal connections. People do business with people they like. Always be tweeking and experimenting. Measure your strategies and results. Keep what works and quickly discard what isn’t.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer