Hacks to boost sales with your social media

Social media is everywhere. There is no escaping it. It is likely no news to you that your social media marketing can be one of the best weapons you have for driving traffic and making conversions. The challenge is not so much that businesses of all sizes are using social media, but it seems more that many companies are really not using the platforms to their advantage.

  • Your social media platforms can be be a major force with regard to driving traffic specifically to your eommerce site. The big boys and girls are doing it so why not you? Target some demographics at particular platforms and place some advertising where all of that geo-targeting will work best.
  • The most effective way to engage social media followers and drive them toward the checkout is with the continued use of video. Whether they be straight up commercials, how-to’s or behind the scenes peeks, video will engage more potential customers than pretty much anything else.

  • Get after those influencers. Few strategies can drive traffic like a social media influencer who is on board with your products or services and can convince their followers that they need to check out your company. According to some of the latest research, industry and social media influencers are now actually considered more trustworthy and more reliable than a celebrity spokesperson.
  • Make it worth their while to click over to your site. Offer free exclusive stuff along with generous discounts and coupons. Their feeds are overwhelmed with offers so you have to make yours stand out above the rest. Remember that you are telling stories. You are building your brand. You are going to solve a problem for them or bring some added value into their lives. Do that and you will have more traffic than you have ever had before.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer