Hacks to keep marketing goals on track

Every business is always looking to grow or gain some manner of edge over their rivals. One way to accomplish all of this is to structure your marketing with specific goals in mind. Without measurable goals, you simply can’t move forward and expand your reach into markets that you have not ventured into as of yet. There are some strategies, however, that will help you reach and exceed those marketing targets.

  • Everything starts with your SEO strategy and deployment. This means that you are constantly testing and tweeking your keywords and backlinks until they are driving the traffic you need to see. Make certain those measurable milestones are in place otherwise you really won’t be able to see how well you are doing and where changes might be needed.
  • Never forget the importance of optimizing for mobile search. Mobile search accounts for nearly 60% of all searches and that number is only going to rise. Not totally optimizing for mobile not only hurts your marketing efforts but won’t allow you to reach half of the potential market that you are looking to reach.
  • Your keywords need to be relevant and must consistently reach those pain points. Don’t forget to integrate those backlinks into all of your content and pages. While many companies are beginning to give them less credibility because they really aren’t measurable, Google still thinks they are a big deal.
  • Finally you must have a solid goal oriented social media strategy. Without it you will most assuredly fall behind your rivals. When considering your content marketing you must begin to think more along the visual lines. Visuals, especially video, is what will draw your audience in and drive them to where you want them to go.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer