How a PPC campaign may boost your brand awareness

Can a pay per click ad campaign actually help with your brand awareness efforts and SEO? In these challenging economic times, no small business can afford to overlook any tool that will help them to drive traffic and conversions. A fine balance of marketing strategies may be needed to help keep a small business competitive and thriving. In some recently released research data collected by GetCredo, a well thought out PPC plan just may help you to get where you want to be. The following is taken directly from that published report:

  • 72% of companies haven’t looked at ad campaigns in a month

    When almost three out of four advertisers aren’t even checking their campaigns once every 30 days, it means you probably have a great opportunity to win business via paid ads – simply by paying attention to your campaigns.

  • Search advertising is projected to grow 30% between 2019 and 2022

    If you’re dubious as to whether or not paid advertising will be around for the long haul, this stat should indicate that it’s not going anywhere. However, you shouldn’t ignore other marketing methods to bring in leads.

  • Over 40% of ad spend in 2020 was spent on search advertising

    While social media platforms make for a popular place to advertise, much of the activity in the world of paid ads is still focused on capturing search engine users. Search users include a wide range of individual and business buyers.

  • 37% of users say social networks are most influential for finding a purchase

    Social networks represent a digital form of word of mouth – if you have a good product or service, people will talk about it on social media.

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  • 70% of search impressions are on mobile devices

    Mobile is another one of those digital marketing trends that’s impossible to avoid. If you haven’t been incorporating mobile browsing into your PPC strategy, you should.

  • 64% of the U.S. population conducted a search on a smartphone

    Speaking of mobile devices, smartphones are the dominant form for most of North America. It’s important to consider smartphone operating systems and apps as you create your marketing campaigns.

  • 75% of people believe paid ads help them find things easier

    Another pro-PPC marketing stat here that might surprise you. It turns out that some people actually believe paid ads are helpful to their shopping experience.

  • 50% of people are more likely to buy from PPC ads

    Not only do some people feel ads are helpful, but there is also a certain segment of the population that believes they are more trustworthy to buy from.

  • 85% of clicks on search engines occur in organic search results

    While paid search ads can be valuable, don’t forget about organic results. Many consumers – especially in the B2B realm – prefer organic search results compared to paid ones.

  • “near me” mobile searches related to buying have increased 500% in two years

    Local marketing is another frontier closely related to mobile search. People conducting localized searches are often much more likely to make an immediate purchase.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer