How content marketing improves your long term strategy

If there is one area many small companies don’t pay a whole lot of attention to, it is their content. Content can be one of the most important factors in any marketing strategy with regard to enhancing brand awareness as well as being an important tool with regard to driving leads. But, what direction to go in? What is working and where should your content marketing energies go? In some new research data released by Bloggingwizard, it becomes somewhat more clear as to how effective your content marketing strategy can be. The following is take directly from that published data:

  • 82% of companies report using content marketing

In 2020, only 70% of companies reported the same. This 12% increase shows that content marketing is anything but dead. However, the same report also found that 44% of those who don’t use content marketing yet aren’t sure if they’ll start this year. (Source: HubSpot State of Marketing Report 2021)

  • 79% of content marketers use content marketing to generate high-quality leads

According to a recent report, generating high-quality leads is the number one priority goal of content marketing. Other popular goals amongst content marketers include driving traffic to their company website (75%) and improving their brand reputation (57%). (Source: SEMrush State of Content Marketing 2020 Global Report)

  • 51% of content marketers rate the performance of their strategy as ‘good’
  • 75% of marketers say SEO is their most efficient content marketing tactic

  • …And 61% said updating/repurposing existing content was the most efficient tactic

  • Organic search is the most popular channel for content distribution

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3x as many leads

  • Most marketers measure the success of their content marketing efforts based on sales

  • 30% of companies outsource their content creation efforts

  • 92% of marketers produce blog posts

  • Companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month

  • Posts containing frequent lists generate 70% more traffic

  • Video is the most common form of media used in content strategies

  • The number of long-form videos created grew by 140% last year

  • 41% of marketers said creating visual/video content was the most efficient content marketing strategy

  • 73% of the top marketers use content to nurture their audience

  • 68% of marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase this year

-Written by Kevin Sawyer