How social media posting can get tricky

Without an aggressive social media marketing plan, your SEO will suffer, your traffic will suffer and, in the end, your ability to make conversions will suffer. Reaching out and tapping potential business at your social media platforms has never been more important for the health and the growth of your business.

  • The first approach, of course, is truly understanding who your potential customers are and where they are likely to be out on the social media platforms. Each platform has its own audience and you must know what that is if your are to succeed out there. Next, discover the type of content that is drawing the most views and understand how many posts a day or week you need to make to be efficient and to drive traffic.
  • Next is determining how many times a day to post and when to post. Numbers vary from platform to platform. As a rule, though, post once a day to both Facebook and LinkdIn while you will need to post 2-3 at Instagram and maybe as many as 10 or so out at Pinterest to keep interest and drive traffic. Check your times during the day for the most optimum time to post and, of course, keep an eye on what the competition is doing.
  • Content is king and quality content is what you must have if you want your social media marketing to be effective. Even if you only post once a day, put up quality and they will come. Have your content ready at least a week in advance so that you can use a scheduling tool to automatically post for you. Also, don’t forget to integrate an email campaign along with your postings. Combining the two can be more effective especially if you are offering special sales, coupons and discounts.
  • Don’t forget to re-purpose your content. You can have a small hand full of campaign ideas and be able to spin them so that they will appeal to a particular audience at a particular platform. The audiences are different and must be approached differently but, with a little crafting, you can be delivering the same messages all across the board.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer