How to drive serious leads from your social media

When it comes to the survival of your business, social media is serious business. The numbers are there for you. The number of potential leads and customers is in the billions. Not only is social media a highly efficient way to attract and drive traffic, but it is free. The challenge with many small businesses is that they really don’t know how to use social media to their advantage and generally don’t have their best players tending to it on a daily basis.

  • The first thing you need to do is to take social media marketing seriously. You must have a dedicated team working your content and your platforms every day. This is not a place for amateurs. Next, you need to focus on your profile and optimize it as best you can for those platforms you are on. Your page is separate entity by itself. Each platform must have a different profile with a different approach.
  • Make sure you are posting useful and engaging content especially video content. Also start promoting gated content. Gated content is, basically, premium content and information for which a visitor will have to also exchange information such as an email address. It is a perfect way to extend your email marketing base.
  • Finally, there are two strategies that are perfectly suited for social media. The first is a live webinar or continuing informational show about your company and its products and services. Live video feeds are a close and engaging way to really connect with people. It shows them the real you and the great people who make up your company. People love to do business with people they feel they like and can trust. Run ads on social media as well as contests. Contests can be a continuing link to your audience and will provide the motivation for them to keep coming back and getting involved with your company.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer