How to get enormous traffic returns with these Pinterest strategies

z111One the major players on the social media scene is Pinterest. You can nail some huge traffic gains from this social media giant with solid social media marketing strategies as well as using certain strategies that will only apply with Pinterest.

  • The first thing you really need to do is to determine if Pinterest is actually the right platform for you. If your business lends itself to the visual, so much the better for your social media marketing strategies. Even if you are more service oriented, you can still get the creative juices flowing to create some great pictures to pin.
  • Pinterest has about 73 million regular users with slightly over 85% of them being women. If your company caters to female consumers, Pinterest is the place to be. Pinterest also generates four times more traffic that Twitter. In addition, 30% of all users of social media are on or visit Pinterest and spend an average of nearly 15 minutes per visit. Also, 40% of all foreign traffic visits Pinterest so you have an excellent opportunity to expand your global reach.
  • First check out and determine what referral traffic you may already be getting from the site. Many businesses are surprised to find that many users are already “pinning” photos from your other social media sites and from your company website.
  • Your images are your commercials, in effect. Take the time to set them up properly once you have thought them out. Use a good camera, a professional one if you can. No selfies or cell phone pictures. It will make you look like an amateur. Hire on a professional photographer if you need to. Put together several photo shoots so that you always have great images in the pipeline.
  • With Pinterest, as with social media in general, you must be “pinning” fresh and new content consistently and often. Five times a day is the least with Pinterest. Your social media marketing will get a huge boost if you spread out your uploads over the 24 hours of the day. This takes into consideration foreign countries and everyone’s time zones. There will always be something new and fresh there.
  • Make sure your keywords are everywhere in your descriptions and make certain your site is optimized for it and especially for mobile. With visual content, you must display well on mobile or you are just wasting your time and throwing away perfectly good potential customers. Finally, these are things that you definitely need to do to be successful there: no face shots; use a light, white background to your shots; multiple colors and the color red don’t generally work well there; use quiet, subdued colors and try to frame the shot as if you were creating a portrait.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer