How to get more mileage out of your YouTube videos

z444  One of the best weapons you have with regard to your overall SEO marketing strategies is video. You must integrate video into your marketing efforts and especially out at the social media platforms. YouTube, of course, is the 600 pound gorilla that you need to be BFF’s with. But, how to get the most mileage when you’re out there?

  • Get to know all of the tools available to you at YouTube. Make certain you have a great title that is relevant to what you do and make sure the tags are just loaded with keywords. Also, make sure you have an embedded call to action in every one of your videos. Make it easy to get them shared and liked.
  • Call to actions can begin with your social circle. Get everyone you know to watch your videos and share them everywhere with their social networks. There is the opportunity for some viral marketing that will cost you nothing to put into action.
  • You must have your videos out on your social media platforms. Nothing will enhance your SEO marketing strategy better than video out at your social network platforms.
  • Post your videos at your business website and ask all of your customers and clients to post them at their respective sites and to distribute them throughout their social networks.
  • Enhance your marketing efforts by sending your videos off to the major news sources and influencers. Work your SEO marketing strategies so that every one of your videos is listed with at least a half dozen of the top search engines.
  • Work and collaborate with other businesses that are complimentary to what you do and put together videos with them especially if you are both after the same target demographic. Do not hesitate to go out and take on a professional SEO firm. They know how to do it and they will free up your time. It will be an investment in your future and not an immediate cost.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer