How to turn potential clients into raving fans

Sure, every small business and consultant is always on the hunt for prospects and new clients but the truly successful ones have one thing in common. Perhaps the most glaring success is that they were not one hit wonders. They were not successful overnight and they never churned and burned regarding clients and customers. The most successful continue to turn their customers and clients into raving fans. So, how exactly do they generate that kind of loyalty?

  • The first thing you need to do is to have complete profiles on your current and potential prospects. This is something that goes far beyond just knowing who your demographic is and where they are located. You need to know them inside out and what their needs and wants are and how you are going to be able to help them achieve their goals. By truly knowing your clients and prospects, you can be better able to connect and engage with them far beyond what they might normally expect.
  • Through this extensive profile, you will then be able to engage, and through that engagement, make them see how valuable they are to you; how much they mean to your success. Giving them more than they expect is the most profound way to inspire loyalty and create raving fans who will spread the word about you. Whether they spend one hundred dollars or one million dollars, each one must feel valued and respected. Besides, if you don’t value them, if you don’t deliver more than promised, your rivals will be more than willing to step in and take those clients off your hands.
  • Are your clients and customers coming back to you consistently? I they aren’t, then you are churning and burning whether it be by accident or design. Keep doing this and you are going down. Maybe not today. Maybe not next week, but soon and hard. One way to keep them coming back is to stay in touch and offer them special discounts and services based on their loyalty. You must also be the go-to expert for your profession or industry. Your content must sing with regard to your knowledge and expertise. This breeds confidence in your clients. This confidence begins to breed trust. When the trust is there, you will have them for life. You will not just have a clientele but a fan base of raving cheerleaders who come back to you time and again and who will bring their friends with them.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer