How video can boost your email ROI

Believe it or not, email remains one of the most powerful weapons in a small company’s marketing arsenal. The problem is, it seems, that so few small businesses really understand it and are able to produce effective emails that drive traffic and make conversions. Who wouldn’t want the type of engagement that happens out at YouTube? In fact, according to MarTech Advisor and Entrepreneur magazine, adding video to your emails could boost your response rate and ROI as much as 300 percent.

  • Again, like with any video marketing you are producing, leave the amateurs at home. They must be quality productions. This is your brand and so the videos you produce will reflect upon you and your company. What will also be most helpful is to actually include the word “video” in your title. The title must be intriguing and must force the reader to open it or they may just fall prey to that dark and looming shadow known as FOMO.
  • Don’t make them work to actually see the video. Don’t make them have to click on a link, or several links just to see it because they won’t do it. Embed the video into the email itself. You may think that this would go without even saying but many business emails with videos in them are linked to somewhere else. Another crucial aspect to the successful video (i.e. – one that gets opened) is the creation of the thumbnail. It must be as engaging and gripping as the title. Make it exciting. Make them want to click on it.

  • Make an effort to intro the video. Let them know what they are about to see and why they should take the time to see it. Set the video up with a pulse pounding description that would be similar to reading the back cover of a high octane suspense thriller paperback. If you can’t do that, find someone who can. It will make all the difference.
  • Finally, track your emails and videos. Know what is working for you and what is not. It is the only way to improve both the quality and the response rates of your new video embedded email campaigns. Remember that you need to give them a reason to open your email and stay for the show. Otherwise, they won’t.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer