How your ecommerce site can dominate

While trends in ecommerce come and go, it is important to remember that there are the tried and true strategies that must be put into place if you expect to have long term success.  There are those certain elements that every successful ecommerce site must embrace if it is to remain relevant and competitive.

  • The most important aspect of ecommerce success is the element that poll after poll says drives away visitors more than anything else and that is ease of use. You have mere seconds to try and make that conversion. You can’t allow anything to slow that customer down. Hold their hand. Show them what they need to do and where the need to go.
  • What many small ecommerce companies are failing to do, even in this day in age, is not being properly set up for mobile devices. As of now, mobile sales are accounting for half of all online sales. If you aren’t mobile friendly you will lose out to your rivals and you will quite quickly become irrelevant. If potential customers can’t find you on their phone or tablet, they won’t even consider you a legitimate company. Even mighty WalMart finally optimized for mobile and, when they did, they saw their conversions soar 98% overall.

  • Your photos and your videos must be of the highest resolution and quality. Anything less will make you look like an amateur. Load times must be under three seconds or they are likely gone. Most consumers these days have limited attention spans so you must grab them and lead them to the check out.
  • Finally, offer special deals and discounts for shopping and, if you have a physical location, offer deals they can only get if they come into the store. Don’t forget those personalized reviews from satisfied customers. People read peer reviews and it is important to show potential customers that they made the right choice when they came to your site.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer