How’s your content promotion going?

zzzzzzz666666666 ┬áSure, you need content and lots of it. But simply posting it to your site blog or social media platforms is not enough. You need to promote it. How and where you get the word out and further establish your brand is critical to your future and to overcoming your competition. If your content isn’t working for you, isn’t driving traffic to your website, then you will need to immediately reassess your content development situation.

You must create rabid fans

You need to develop a special brand of client or customer who spreads the word for you at every chance. You need to create a rabid fan base that is simply in love with your company as well as your products or services. Nothing is stronger than word of mouth and your SEO marketing needs as much of it as it can get. They will make sure that your message is heard loud and clear to all of their followers and the boost of your brand simply can’t buy that kind of exposure. Bring them all into the loop. Make them a part of the effort. Make them feel like they are special and watch that traffic accelerate.

See the value and not just the ROI

Many businesses are failing in their SEO marketing efforts because they aren’t seeing the value of their content or in its promotion. Your content, be it written or video or infographic, is the most effective and lasting way to bring added value to the lives of your customers and potential customers.

Companies that are not making any headway with their SEO marketing or with their content promotion are too worried about their ROI. In fact, it’s all they focus on. They only see customer comments and try to tailor everything so that all of their potential customers are coming to the website. ROI is their only focus. This is a branding effort and a vision you have for your company. Sure, deliver more than the customer expects but don’t lose your vision or your company’s identity in the process.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer