Ignore your video marketing and you will…

When creating a winning SEO and social media marketing strategy, nothing can be left to chance these days. Too many small business owners have been ignoring the benefits of integrating video productions into their overall online marketing scheme. If these companies continue to ignore the importance of video marketing, they will be quickly left behind and just may have little chance of ever catching up to their competitors.

Just consider some of these recent marketing research stats:

  • Nearly 75% of all B2B companies declare that video has boosted their ROI more than any other marketing strategy. Recent research data released by CISCO states that, by 2020, well over 80% of all web traffic will come in the form of video.
  • Snapchat reports that ten billion videos are consumed every day at the social media platform while nearly a half billion hours are spent everyday watching videos at YouTube.
  • Businesses that extensively use video marketing are reporting that their conversions are 50% higher than with their other forms of content and social media marketing. Twitter reports that videos displayed at their platform get re-tweeted six times more than standard photos or GIF’s.

The major advantage to video is the trust factor. People like to do business with people they like and video is a way to introduce them to yourself and your company. When they get to see real people who can solve real problems for them, it instantly boosts your brand awareness and trust. Your SEO will get a boost also as Google reports that rankings improve by over 50% when companies include video at their sites and are implanted within their blogs. Get yourself an even greater SEO result when you establish a YouTube channel as YouTube is owned by Google and your SERP results may get higher when you establish yourself out at that platform.

Video marketing also allows you to reach more people as videos are more likely to be shared across the social media platforms. In addition, some recent marketing research regarding video has declared that nearly 75% of viewers who watch a video that explained a product or a service actually made a purchase.

Video will remain one of the greatest marketing weapons you have. Don’t skimp on production. Get a qualified professional firm experienced in video production to produce some quality commercial videos for you and watch your rankings, and your conversions, soar.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer