Are you ignoring this crucial marketing factor?

Marketing your business these days can be a tricky business indeed. However, with all of your concentration on your SEO and social media marketing, many small businesses may just be forgetting one of the most tried and true marketing factors there is. This highly under rated marketing tool is of course, word of mouth marketing. It has been around forever and nothing can give your business a boost quite like it.

  • Word of mouth will instantly create buzz, awareness and credibility for your business. And, not only that, but it is free and its expotential value can be enormous especially out at your social media marketing platforms. Your word of mouth strategy can quickly morph into referral marketing which can increase your traffic immensely.
  • Approaching just one, or a small few at a time, you will make it personal and the hope is that they will refer your business to their friends and social contacts. From there, those contacts will tell their social contacts. The major advantage to all this is the building of trust. People will take a chance on a product or service that has been touted by their friends because they trust the source of the good review. Be cautious, however, because a negative experience will spread far faster and wider than a positive one.
  • Out at your social media marketing platforms, forget about gathering in supposed “friends” and almost useless “likes”. Concentrate on presenting your company in a positive, helpful and engaging way. Present with a personal conversational tone as if you are just talking to one person, talking with a friend. Integrate your company into what they do and what they consider important to them. Show them how you can bring added value to their lives and make life better for them in some small way. Connect with your potential customers on an emotional level. Get them talking about you and your company. This takes time and effort but, in the end, you will see your traffic and conversions increase as well as your brand awareness and the impression that you and your company are reliable and trustworthy and will bring added value to people’s lives.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer