Improve your mobile SEO right now

According to all of the latest research, nearly 60% of all online searches are being performed from a mobile device. The search god Google rewards those sites that have optimized themselves for mobile so even though you may be optimized, there are a few strategies that you may want to employ to give your company an edge.

  • Your first concentration should be on local search. That is where most of your inquiries and traffic is likely to come from. Use as many local keywords as possible and get set up with Google’s local business listings pages. Also make sure that all of your location info is up to date including your hours of operation.
  • The most important thing you can do to boost your mobile traffic is writing gripping headlines. If you don’t know how to do that, then find someone who does. It will be worth the investment because if no one stays to check out the headline claim, then no one is coming to buy anything from you. Keep them short and powerful. The screens are small so a long boring headline will get cut off and so, likely, will the reader. Don’t be afraid to post both short and long form content. If you give them a reason to read it, they will.

  • These days, speed is everything. Most people now have the attention spans of a baby. People want to download a Hollywood movie in three seconds. Do you think they are going to wait four seconds for your page to load? Enough said. Avoid Adobe Flash at all costs. It is being phased out all across the web. Mobile devices don’t support it so abandon it everywhere you are.
  • Mobile means voice search. That is a given. You must be optimized for that or don’t even bother having a mobile SEO plan. All of the AI “assistants” are generally connected to people’s phones so your voice search capabilities need to be there. Finally, connect everything to social media. Make certain the buttons are there so your traffic can likely return to where they may have been.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer