Increasing your brand awareness at Instagram


Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms out there today and your social media marketing needs to take advantage of the enormous potential its audience can offer most every business. Instagram has over 400 million users and over 30% of all online users are on Instagram. Nearly half of all brands have an Instagram presence and the site had doubled in the last year alone.

Instagram can be a great outlet for your social media marketing. Here are a few hacks that will get you the brand awareness you have been looking for.

  • The major key to success out at Instagram is the quality of your photos. They must be high quality and professionally done if possible. Your business and your products need to be shown in the strongest and most favorable light possible. Head out to a major rival brand’s Instagram account and check out how they are presenting themselves.
  • As with most of your social media marketing plans, you need to post fresh content every day. You need to post at least once every day although three times a day has proven to be much more highly effective for brands of all sizes and industries. Also, don’t forget the weekends. There is a ton of traffic out there at that time to be taken advantage of.
  • There is a buying of Instagram users going around that you need to avoid. Take the time to develop your own following. This way, you know they are engaged and you will find a much higher percentage of them being driven to your site.
  • Make your company approachable. People like to know there are real people behind your brand and people like doing business with people they like. Behind the scenes happenings at the company is always a popular photo shoot and profiles of your people is another way to make things personal.
  • Video content is a must and it must be professional. No cell phone video taken by your 14 year old niece. Also, when you caption your pictures, leave it to one of your professional content writers, copywriters or sales people. Remember, the whole point of your social media marketing strategy is to drive traffic. Always keep that in mind.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer