Why infographics need to be in your SEO and social media mix

The amount of information and data a person comes into contact with everyday is staggering. In fact, the latest marketing research states that the average person encounters an average of 34 gigabytes of data and information every day. That is more than five times the amount people were exposed to on a daily basis back in 1986.

So, how to crank up your SEO and social media marketing without running the risk of viewer overload? That’s a tough question but one of the answers just might be the incorporation of infographics into your overall content mix. Adding some regular, and engaging, infographics to compliment your video and content marketing, can be highly effective in many different ways.

To help alleviate the information overload, infographics can be specifically tailored to bring to potential customers only the most vital of information that you need them to know about your company. Infographics can quickly stimulate your SEO efforts as they can be loaded with keywords and phrases and, if designed correctly, can allow the reader to absorb a huge aount of information without being overloaded.

Just as video can help potential customers to better retain your information, so, too, do infographics. Research has proven that people reading an infographic can retain information 323% better than if they were reading a text only presentation. This is a huge advantage with regard to the use of your calls to action. Sprinkling those liberally into your SEO rich infographic will drive traffic at higher rates than both video and text. Improve their understanding of your business while showing them how you will enrich their lives or solve a problem.

Research done at the Wharton School of Business found that content and verbal presentation would move half of an audience to action. However, when it was coupled with visual elements, that persuasive factor rose to nearly 70%. Incorporating infographics into your SEO and social media marketing efforts will supplement your presentations and boldly increase your chances of making a conversion. In addition, infographics are easy to share which which could provide you with a substantial boost in traffic when used regularly at your social media sites. Not only are you building brand awareness but, by allowing them to be shared, you can reach out to audiences you never thought you would be able to reach.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer