How to inspire your teams to greatness

If running a successful business was easy, everyone would be doing it. The most successful of companies realize that it is the strength of the teams that they can assemble which will mean the difference in the long run. Assembling the teams you need to succeed is no easy thing and those companies that fail tend to take this far too lightly.

  • It all starts with you. You are the leader and must set the tone, the culture and the ultimate example. Once you have established where and how you want to get there, you must draft well. Your hiring process is so critical to your success that you simply can’t leave it to some human resources entity. You know who you need. You need to be the one that goes out and gets them. The team begins with the individual.
  • Micromanage people and you will fail. Why such a ridiculous concept continues to be pursued seems beyond reason but many companies still pursue it. They do so because they have no people or management skills. Those without skill or talent tend to use the tactics of the bully – coercion and threats. Manage like this and your turnover will be gargantuan and you will never be able to recruit great people because word will get around and the great people will avoid your company like the plague.
  • Understanding your players and their strengths and weaknesses is everything. You must assemble your teams so that everyone’s weaknesses are overshadowed by everyone’s strengths. This way, teams will work from a point of constant strength. Mistakes, of course, will happen and you must not discourage them. Do so and your teams will be wary and hesitant. They would rather play not to lose than to play to win. They will shun risk. It is the calculated risk that you need so encourage your teams to be free thinkers and free wheelers who aren’t afraid to fail.
  • Free and open communication is critical to your success. Everyone must know what the mission is. Everyone must feel safe to present their ideas. The best players you could ever assemble are those that know what the plan is, what is expected of them, and then are just allowed to produce without any restraint.
  • Encourage and reward. Be honest in your critiques and let the team member know how they can better fit into the vision. Reward those exceptional performers. Let them know they are valued and appreciated. Forget that silliness that the last couple of generations had to endure growing up where everyone got a trophy just for showing up. This is the real world and the real world needs great players and potential leaders. Are your teams on their way to greatness?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer