Interactive content will boost your click through rates

z7777  Your SEO marketing efforts are moving right along. You are keeping your content fresh and updated and you’re reaching out to your demographic in every way you can making sure you are exactly where they are. One thing you are going to have to do, however, to boost your traffic and increase your click through rates and time spent, is to get as interactive as you can. The smart companies continue use their content marketing effectively and know that it is a full time job.

  • Interactive content marketing is just really developing but companies that use it regularly are finding it more effective when using it in conjunction with their regular content marketing. One way to get more interaction, more engagement, with your readers and potential customers, is to insert infographics wherever you can. This is, especially effective at your social media marketing sites. Infographics are a huge favorite and they make an immediate impact. By using your big data as well as exciting and powerful images and graphics, you immediately draw the visitor in. You are engaging them with content that brings added value to their lives. These are now a must for any SEO marketing efforts and try and get them to act on the infographic. Make them want to know more and give them a simple call to action that will drive them to your site.
  • Another proven way to get interactive, especially with your social media marketing is with polls. It gives your visitors an opportunity to express their opinions and preferences. This, in turn, can be used as some great marketing data as you move forward. Get a call to action into your poll by promising them a special prize or discount for visiting your site. A major food product company recently asked their viewers how they used their particular product. They ended up with over 7,000 responses, a greatly increased click through rate, and time on site soared.

Written By Kevin Sawyer