Is being interactive the way to go?

As video marketing continues to be one of your strongest marketing weapons, it may be worth a closer look into interactive video marketing. Drawing the customers in and getting them to interact with your company and its products or services is looking to be a most effective strategy for many small businesses. Some recently published data and research by Hubspot, presents a clearer picture of where your video strategy may need to be. The following is taken directly from that published data:

  • In Q1 2022, we surveyed over 500 global video marketers to ask about their video strategy. Roughly a quarter of marketers surveyed (28%) said they currently leverage interactive content in their videos.

marketers who've increased lead generation with video

  • There are multiple types of interactive videos:
    • Branched stories – This allows viewers to choose their own path when watching a video and decide what they will watch.
    • Hotspots – These are clickable areas within a video that allow viewers to discover something new in the video.
    • Polls and quizzes – You can engage your audience with questions related to the content in your video.
    • 360-degree view – This allows viewers to immerse themselves in the video and get an augmented reality experience.

    Interactive video is still relatively new to many marketers with 27% leveraging it for the first time this year.

marketers who've increased sales with video

  • Our video marketing report revealed that interactive video offers the fifth-highest ROI, behind product-related, funny and trendy, and behind-the-scenes videos. In addition, 47% of marketers surveyed say interactive content is one of the most effective lead generators. When it comes to engagement, interactive video is also one of the best performers. In fact, 47% of marketers surveyed say interactive content is one of the top three video types that get the most engagement.This video type can also leave a deeper impression on its viewers. With so many brands fighting for our attention, one way to keep them engaged longer is through interaction.

marketers who've increased user understanding with video

  • Doing so can help your brand awareness and recognition, helping you stand out from the competition. In fact, 7% of marketers say interactive video is most likely to go viral. Lastly, you can gain more insight into your audience through interactive content. Say you include a quiz in your video, not only do you get insights from the video itself (views, time watched, etc) but you also learn more about them through quiz results.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer