Is it time to re-brand your brand?

There comes a time in the life of every business when it just may be time for a new look. Too many business owners think that their brand is just a logo and a slogan but it is far more than that. Your brand is your company and it encompasses everything that is your business. Many companies of all sizes have gone through at least one re-brand during their lifetime. The reasons can vary from trying to distinguish your company from the competition to wanting a fresh new look and message.

  • Your brand is really the total experience that your customers and potential customers have when they interact with your company. Often times, a business can come to resemble their competitors far too closely. The most common pitfall is many of an industry’s businesses tending to have the same name and sound alike. Your name and logo must be unique and special as well as your colors. Also, never use stock photos anywhere. You must use original photos of your business and your employees. After all, what you do, and who does it, is what sets you apart.
  • If your business has been around for many years, it may be time to update a look that seems dated. It can also be a reflection¬† of your company’s growth, an extension of your original mission. Another reason to re-brand is to try and re-establish yourself after an unfortunate incident or an ongoing perception of poor products and/or customer service. It is an opportunity to start fresh with a new vision, new training and a new mission.
  • Begin the re-brand with a new understanding of who your company is and the mission it wishes to launch or keep intact. You can also work with who you are right now and your history and melt it all together into an all new look. Also, pay special attention to what your rivals are doing and make an effort to separate yourself from them. When you re-launch your brand, you want the world to know why you are different from your competitors and why they must come to you to solve a problem or make their life better.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer