Now is time to take your SEO global

z122 It matters not what you sell, or the services you provide, the opportunity to go global is waiting for you. You just need some SEO marketing strategies that will conform to the countries you are looking to sell in and you will expand your markets and your potential revenues significantly.

  • While your local SEO must remain your vanguard, international SEO marketing strategies can be put into place in a relatively short time. The first thing you have to determine is which countries you want to move in to and then you must focus on those languages that will enable to you to drive traffic. According to recent marketing research, most people want to visit a site that is written in their own native language. If you send them to your English written site, you will likely lose upwards of 70% of the potential traffic you could attract if your site were set up to accommodate their language.
  • When establishing the new site, use a domain suffix that will be peculiar to the country in which you are trying to establish your business. Once your site has been established, the SEO is in place and you are up and running, you will need a strategy for lead generation. The most effective way to do this is the same as it is here. Reach out to the social networks and the influencers and begin to establish relationships with them. This is the most effective way even if you choose to a quick and effective PPC campaign to jump start you in the new country.
  • Finally, like here, you must pay attention to the quality of your content, your customer service and your link building capabilities. Maximize your link building attempts by establishing credible links within the country you have ventured into.
  • Finally, like here, you must pay attention to what people are saying out there about you and your products or services. Social media management continues to be the most effective way to develop long term relationships, drive traffic, and increase your conversions over time.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer