Is SEO enough? Maybe not…

Driving traffic to your site and location is critical to your survival as a company. SEO is, and will be for the foreseeable future, your best weapon for driving traffic and boosting revenue. However, more and more companies are competing in search using the same keywords and phrases. How can you stand above them and drive more traffic so as to more effectively compete with your rivals?

  • First, of course, you should be on top of your current SEO strategies and how your website is currently built. Search and customer priorities are constantly shifting so be certain that the current version of your site is where it needs to be for what is happening right now.
  • One effective weapon can be guest blogging. Blogging at other related sites can give you additional reach as well as quickly establish you as an expert in your field or industry. It opens up new customer avenues and greatly enhances your brand awareness. You can also take those businesses who are complimentary to yours and offer them the opportunity to guest blog at your site.
  • You must be heavily invested in your social media marketing. According to most current marketing research, social media accounts for early 80% of buying decisions made by potential customers. Make sure you know who your customers are and where they are. Be active on those sites where new business is likely to be. Don’t leave your social media marketing to an intern or your fifteen year old nephew who has a Facebook page. You need a skilled and experienced team because your social media marketing exists for only one reason and that reason is to drive traffic. If it isn’t doing that, then fix it until it does.
  • Email campaigns and the use of video are also crucial to driving more traffic as you build greater brand awareness. Mobile users almost exclusively turn to video to decide buying possibilities and whether to check out a site. With email, you need to engage immediately and you need to be A/B testing all of the time. Your sales people need to be at the front line of your email campaigns.¬† Look anywhere and the research will tell you that video boosts your conversion rates better than anything else you can do. Finally, do some advertising online¬† and at the social media platforms. Increase your brand awareness while driving traffic will be assured once you make an effort to advertise.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer