Is social media the key to your future growth?

One of the best ways to expand and grow your business is to expand and grow your social media presence. If your social media presence is not that strong, you are losing ground to your rivals every day. It seems that simple arithmetic provides the answer to the future growth of you business. According to the latest research released by Statistica, there will be slightly over three billion people on social media as active users by the end of 2020. As the arithmetic goes, that is nearly half of the current population of Earth. So, how to grow so you can grow?

  • The challenge for most businesses is not if they should be taking advantage of the social media platforms but rather how they should be doing it. Too many small companies are just posting in a way that provides no continuity or the establishment and promotion of their brand. You need to develop a formal plan and you need to stick to it. Your social media presence only exists to drive traffic to your business. If it isn’t doing that, you need to toss everything and begin again.
  • Video is the key to social media success and expansion. You must produce everything from product demos to intimate tours of your business to webinars about your products or services. They must be professionally scripted and produced because your future depends on it. Wandering around with your cell phone taking video may be fine for your personal social media page but not for your business. You need people who understand how to properly shoot and engaging piece of video.
  • Find noted social media influencers in your profession or industry and do whatever it takes to get them on board with you. It will be worth the time and effort to do so because they are a trusted source which means a boost in traffic as well as in your company’s credibility.
  • Free info as well as discounts and giveaways have been working wonders for some time now and you need to integrate it into your social media marketing efforts. Tell the story of you. Tell the story of your company. Tell stories of how you will solve their problems and/or bring added value into their lives. If you are looking at social media expansion as just another cost then you have already lost. The future of your brand and your business just may hinge on the growth and expansion of your social media. So, in the end, it is not a cost but an investment in your future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer