Is social proof that important?

Does social media proof really matter to the success of your business?  Social media is one of the main focus points in the building of any business and brand. Without it, you will find yourself falling far behind your competitors that do. It is all about being visible and staying visible. It is all about telling the stories your customers need to hear. It is all about being an option in their mind when it comes time for them to buy what you are selling.

  • Perhaps it might be important to remember and old sales acronym: “ABC”. That means, simply, Always Be Closing. Every thing you do, every thing you produce, must be aimed toward moving that customer closer to the sale. That is especially important with your social media. You always need to be an option in their minds when they are ready to buy what you have to sell. You must be moving them forward.
  • Your social media proof needs to encompass everything from testimonials to media interviews to guest content. Your social proof is vital to establishing your credibility as a business. All of the social media proof that you produce enables you to be seen as a leader in your profession or industry. This builds credibility over time which leads to the trusting of your brand which leads, of course, to more dominance and more conversions.

  • Through your social proof efforts, you will be able to demonstrate how you have helped your customers and clients achieve the results they have been looking for. This generates engagement with, and excitement for, your company and brand. It all allows you to gather in more than just good customers. It allows  you the opportunity to create a base of raving fans who will tell all of their social connections just how great your company is.
  • Taking the time out from your hectic schedule to generate some serious social proof is something you need to start to do if not at least consider. If you don’t have the time or the skill to do it yourself then go out and get the people that can. It won’t be a cost. It will be an investment in your future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer