Is this why your rivals are winning?

Does it seem that no matter what you try, your rivals are consistently beating you? Is it that  they really are better than you are or are they doing some things that you’re not doing right now? Are there different results happening with your sales and marketing teams that are really nowhere near what you generally expect? The challenge may be that you have the right people in place, the right plan the right products or services but maybe the challenge lies in communication?

  • The initial key, of course, is having the right people in place and making sure they are highly trained. Not everyone has the proper personality and mindset to be in sales. When you have those people in place then make sure they get the training so that they understand how to sell. This is the most critical thing you can ever do for the success of your business.
  • The successful among your rivals have sales and marketing teams that are familiar with the company’s vision and mission and incorporate it into their daily working lives. They know what the leaders are trying to accomplish and all communicate together with regard to formulating plans that will achieve those visions and goals. The teams also reflect the company’s values and fit in well within the structure of the culture.
  • Management is highly involved without micromanaging. When goals are achieved, they are celebrated. Questions get immediate answers. Feedback is constructive and helpful. Meetings are not a waste of everyone’s time. They are kept to a minimum and the subject of the meeting is addressed immediately. Meetings start on time, get down to business, and end as quickly as possible.
  • The successful companies ensure that their sales and marketing forces are in sync and always on the same page. They constantly communicate and assist one another because they know the goals need to be achieved and each member plays a critical role in seeing them to fruition. Everyone also has access to additional training and they are always learning from one another’s successes as well as failures. Everyone strives to get better everyday. They know that their success is the company’s success.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer