Is video email the spark you need?

As businesses everywhere prepare to reopen, many are looking for that jump start, that spark, that will ignite them forward as everyone looks to what will happen next. One quick, and rarely used spark, just may be video email. Marketing research company, Wistia, recently discovered that video email can be an answer to giving your sales efforts that quick spark it just may need to get you back into the game quickly.

The reached out to 200 potential prospects and included video productions in that outreach. They found that, with video, they had a 147 percent increase in their click through rate.  The following is taken directly from that research and unveils just how they did it:

  • Sales videos might not be as glamorous or as polished, but that means you can make a lot more of them and also more easily track their efficacy. Be strategic about what this one particular video should accomplish. Try tying it to a goal that can actually be measured through this medium. There are a number of goals you can achieve by using video in your sales process, including:
  • Boosting click-through rates
  • Scheduling more calls
  • Decreasing close time
  • Nurturing an existing lead
  • Introducing yourself to a contact
  • Improving brand touch
  • Deciding who will receive your custom video depends entirely on the goal you chose in step one. Look through your CRM and try to determine where your sales process could benefit most from the helping hand of video. We’ve found that videos are particularly great for prospecting, outreach attempts, reconnecting with cold leads, confirming meetings, or following up with no-shows, but this could easily vary from business to business.
  • One of the best parts of making these one-off sales videos is that you don’t need a script. Since you should be striving for an authentic, human-to-human connection with your prospect or lead, delivering a natural performance is ideal. Instead of scripting everything out word-for-word, jot down a few notes about your prospect to reference while you’re recording.
  • The Video Voicemail: These are short, digestible videos that are usually made on a one-off basis.

    Want some handy tips for a creating a video voicemail?

    • Keep it under a minute
    • Explain the reason behind your call
    • Include a tip or a free resource
    • Add a CTA at the end
    • Show their company website
    • Smile more than you think you should!
    • Add a dash of personality
  • The Quick Demo: A quick demo video can help answer a question or highlight a feature. They’re perfect for engaging with leads in a more personalized, helpful way.

    Check out these tips for making a demo video:

    • Keep it 2–5 minutes long
    • Teach your prospects something
    • Trim the beginning and end
    • Customize your player color to match your brand

-Written by Kevin Sawyer