Is your site still search relevant?

You have worked hard to get your search engine optimization strategy to where it is paying off for you in terms of traffic and branding. But, perhaps lately you have been seeing a decline in traffic or are seeing your site slip a bit in the rankings. Before you make the mistake of blaming your SEO efforts, or give up on it entirely, there are quite likely reasons for this as well as immediate steps you can take to get back to where you want to be.

  • Too many small businesses haven’t updated or upgraded their websites in years. It may be the same site they started out with many years ago. Give your site a serious makeover and upgrade with a new look and new images. Update everything from your headlines and sub heads to the body of your written content. The spiders are looking for what’s new and content that is rich in the keywords and phrases that are key to your being found.
  • Add some new content as well as increase and update your landing pages. When was the last time you made a video commercial or a how to video? Replace and upgrade. Even if they cover the same ground, add keywords and images that give it all a new and engaging look.
  • Give new names to your pages as well as to all your videos and images. In addition, start establishing some internal links within your site. Link your landing pages within the body of you written content and make certain that you have links at the top of your pages so that visitors can get themselves to any place on your site in seconds. Even use your images as links. Show them the way. Make it easy and exciting for them to visit you. Do that, and your conversions, and your traffic, will explode.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer