Is your social media emotional enough?

Creating emotional responses to any social media campaign you launch can be critical to the success of your social media presence. Emotion moves people to action. It always has and it always will. While generating emotional responses to advertising and content is nothing new, too few small businesses are creating campaigns that stir emotions that forces people into taking action.

  • The major reason for that is creating an emotional social media campaign is no easy task. It is quite difficult to do. It is, however, worth doing as recent research from the Nielsen company declares that campaigns that generate an emotional response end up generating nearly 25% more revenue than those campaigns that use no emotion at all. More emotion and less reason seems to be the key to driving more traffic and more sales.
  • Establish the type of emotion you want to generate prior to building a campaign around it. What do you want your audience to feel. You don’t want them to think; you want them to feel. Using images and videos works best for this as humans process images much faster than they do text. With text, they have time to stop and to think and assess. With images and video, however, you drive instant emotion and create the immediate need to act.
  • Understand how color creates certain emotions and understand what visuals create past positive memories for people. You want your campaign to be associated with pleasure. Using faces is also a great way to stir emotion because humans respond almost immediately to a face for they see them almost instantly. Always tell a wonderful story because it stirs emotion and is the best way to build overall brand awareness. Find those great stories and campaigns and attempt to emulate them.
  • Always sell the benefits of your products and services rather than the features of them. Show people how you will solve a problem and improve their life. Create value rather than generating mere statistics. What you are really selling is the end result. What do people get at the end of it all? In the end, the key to it all remains fantastic visuals, a fantastic story and fantastic benefits.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer