Is your visual content driving traffic? Why not?

z443  One of the best weapons you have for driving traffic with your content is to provide visuals. While humans tend to remember only around 20% of what they read, we actually recall over 80% of what we see. Visuals increase the engagement of your viewers. When you can hold their attention longer, your chances of converting that attention into a sale is increased tremendously.

  •  The key to visual success is knowing who your target market is and playing to that. Visuals, and videos, must be relevant to them. They must bring them new knowledge, a way to solve a problem, or add value to their life.
  • If you think that visuals and video aren’t working, consider these stats: Video is uploaded to YouTube at the clip of 72 hours every minute. Every minute 216,000 new photos get loaded up to Instagram. On Twitter, every minute, 277,000 tweets are flying. Pinterest has nearly 3,500 images “pinned” every minute.
  • Believe it or not, almost 60% of people who hit your website spend less than fifteen seconds there unless you can engage them. Images at both Twitter and Facebook get shared more often than those without a visual. Your visuals can range from photos to color swaths to infographics. Grab the eye and you will drive conversions.
  • As a matter of fact, people love infographics. Those are shared more than three times more than any other visual content. Also remember that 93% of all human communication is not verbal and that 90% of all information received by our brains is visual.
  • Take advantage of social media display templates and be certain that you have your proper keywords and phrases in place. Let them know why they need you and why you are an authority in your field or industry. Both things build trust. If they trust you, they will come.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer