Jump start your lagging sales with these online strategies

zzzz8888888  So many small businesses wait until their sales and traffic is so stagnant that it is almost stopped before they decide to crank up their SEO and other online marketing strategies. Needless to say, that is probably the worst time to start thinking about your SEO and marketing strategies. They should have been in place all along providing you with the traffic needed to sustain your sales goals. There are times, however, when you really need to get things going.

Time to attack social media with an ad blitz

One sure fire way to jump start stagnant sales is to get some paid advertising going out at your social media platforms. While your website will remain your foremost tool with regard to closing those sales, it is driving people there that is the key. There are gigantic swatchs of potential customers who just hang out on social media all day long just waiting for a brilliant offer from your company.

While Facebook will always be a solid bet, if you want to attract a younger and more vital demographic, head out to Snapchat and Instagram. Since you are looking for some immediate engagement, these two platforms will offer you more than you can likely handle. Again, that organic search strategy takes time and you should of had it in place yesterday. Hit Facebook hard with an ad campaign to get the proverbial ball rolling.

Build your email and start running some exit pop-ups

Sure, pop up ads are universally hated by all, you say. But maybe you aren’t using them correctly to your advantage. Try designing an exit pop-up. Have the ad show itself just as your customer is about to click away from your site. You have nothing to lose by offering them some manner of special deal or discount. There is plenty of SEO marketing data that supports the sad fact that between 70%-90% of a site’s traffic will never return. So, get in their face and convert them.

Aside from your current email base of customers to sell to, a pay per click campaign will capture a whole lot more. You could end up with an email database of thousands of potential sales every month. et aggressive and grow anywhere that you can. A quick SEO online marketing and advertising campaign just may be the medicine your ailing sales are looking for.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer