Just a few reasons why online ecommerce businesses are imploding

There is no harder business endeavor these days than to actually be doing business these days. Things shift with lightning quickness and many small ecommerce businesses are imploding before they really have any chance to make a go of it. If you are running your online business and feeling that you may not make it, here are just a few reasons why:

  • The major reason, of course, is that the business doesn’t have any sort of SEO and/or marketing strategy. They are not doing SEO, or think they can do it by themselves, and are not understanding how customers are operating and making their buying decisions online. Along with this comes a business owner’s inability to answer customer questions about a product or service as well as having absolutely no system at all that will convert leads into direct sales.
  • Another major reason these online businesses are failing is because they are quitting before they are seeing results. They decide to employ a SEO and marketing strategy and then they stop because they are not getting instant gratification. They fail to understand that it is a long term process. They fail to put together a comprehensive SEO and marketing plan that will drive traffic, build rand awareness and create conversions once the traffic has arrived.
  • Another frustrating challenge that is causing some online concerns to crash and burn is that there seems to be a variety of approaches to online marketing throughout the industry and then there is Google. Many SEO experts will argue the validity of certain strategies and Google, who controls how searches are done, is constantly interfering and adjusting all of the myriad rules and protocols it has already established. Google has yet to meet a stable situation it doesn’t want to destabilize.
  • Finally, many small business owners seem to believe, wrongly, that either they can do it themselves or that they really can’t afford competent and affordable help. Business owners who elect to try and do their own SEO and online marketing program are like those people who decide to represent themselves in court. The real question needs to be; can you afford not to get professional help? Your SEO, content and online marketing efforts are not a cost. They are an investment in your future. Those that forget that are, likely, going down.