Keeping your SEO strategy vibrant is crucial to your future

Keeping your SEO marketing efforts vibrant and alive is no easy thing yet it is the proverbial cornerstone to your future success. It can be difficult to keep up with your online marketing as you tend to the hectic pace of your day and the other challenges that your company faces even on an hourly basis. However, there are small attentions you can give to your SEO situation that can allow you to keep things vibrant and fresh while planning for the future at the same time.

  • Try and always set time aside to review your site. It needs to be updated with a new look regularly to keep you fresh and vibrant and to prevent it from going stale. If the look is always the same, you become invisible and people tend to ignore you. Your competencies, and your business, has likely evolved some since your last update. Make sure everyone knows exactly who you are and what problems you can solve for them. Have your SEO firm do a regular audit of your site. It will keep you updated and fresh and miles ahead of your rivals.
  • Do regular evaluations of everything from your keywords to your long tail phrases as search changes daily and your customers, or potential customers, may be looking for specific things that you are not optimizing for. This will cause you to lose both traffic and conversions over time. Have new opportunities opened up for your company recently? Are there new areas of expertise that no one really knows about yet?
  • Another key opportunity to keep your SEO vibrant and competitive is for you to get out of the office and actually see what is going on. Listen to your sales people and take the time to listen to what customers have been saying or leaving written comments on. Get out and get the pulse of where your business is right now because it isn’t in the same place it was a year ago or even six months ago. Do you need to restructure your site based on new customer needs and wants? Have customers and clients kept bringing up the same old concerns and you haven’t addressed them? Uncover what their new pain points are and get your site and your SEO in line with those. In this way, you care for the present as well as preparing for the future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer