How do you know if your content is any good?

z444455556666  This is, quite likely, the most important question your business will face with regard to your overall SEO marketing strategy. Nothing is more important than your content. But, the question is: how do you know if it is any good?

Relevance and problem solving

The major consideration when deciding on a particular piece of content is to ask if you are solving a problem for your potential customers. After all, that’s why you are in business. You sell solutions. Also, are you bringing them information about a pressing question that they may have regarding what you do? Your content is not really there to entertain them but to engage them and enlighten them. Also, find your niche, however small. Focus on the type of information your potential customers need and then just deliver it to them in an engaging style.

Are you focused on industry challenges?

There may be some emerging news or challenges facing your industry that might be imperative for your readership to know about and understand. Make yourself and authority and walk them through these things comprehensively and expertly. Are there new protocols or regulation that they need to need to be aware of? Is their a major event coming up? Constant communication on the emerging news of the day in your industry will set you up as a leader and not just a follower. This will only make your SEO marketing stronger

Be a leader and cover things that really aren’t being covered

Maybe there are topics and questions not being answered by your rivals that will make you more valuable to your readers? It is always best to check the competition’s content and see what exactly they are covering. Do you touch on that, too? That’s great but it is certain you will find some gaps in their content information that you can readily jump on. Knowing what your readership needs and wants is the key and then it is a simple matter of bringing it to them. This way you set yourself up as a leader in your industry as well as bringing added value to the lives of your customers and boost your SEO all at the same time.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer