Do you know why your Facebook marketing isn’t working?

If there is one place where your social media marketing efforts will pay off, it is at Facebook. It is, perhaps, the best social media platform at which you can immediately find your exact audience and drive traffic to your site. Unfortunately, too many small companies are not taking the time to do what really needs to be done. Too many bad decisions and wasted time. If you are not working it right, your Facebook efforts will become a money pit with no return.

  • Images are everything. They are what can increase your traffic if you use them right. Ads with images get nearly three times the engagement than ads that are just boring text. The pics need to be natural looking and must try and blend in with what is around it. Engaging logos and happy women seem to drive the most traffic according to most recent marketing research.
  • Know the audience you need. Too many companies think that trying to appeal to the massive Facebook audience is the key. Well, it’s not. Refine your demographic. You will have far better traffic numbers if you are appearing in front of people who are likely to click through and buy what you are selling.
  • You must have a clear call to action and your audience needs to know that they must take action now or miss out on some manner of great deal. Give them a special deal on something if they click through now and buy right now. Make them feel that they will be missing out if they don’t take immediate action.
  • Keep your message lean and mean. Don’t make them have to troll through tons of text because they won’t. Keep technical or industry jargon to an absolute minimum. They want to know how you will add value to their life or help them solve a problem. It really is as simple as that. And, oh yeah, free shipping is a must these days if you want to stay around and viable.
  • Headlines must grab them right away. All of your social media marketing depends on it. It is what will engage them. Ignore what your rivals are doing at your own peril. No one really cares about how wonderful the features are. They only want to hear about the benefits. Don’t forget the split. Split testing will be critical to your success in the long run.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer