How to know your social media strategy is actually working

You have fully integrated your social media marketing strategy into your business operations. You have been working your model but you don’t seem quite sure if it is all really working; if your strategy is actually driving traffic to your establishment, office or website. So, what kind of basic metrics can you check out to get a real handle on how everything is going?

  • Understanding your data and your analytics is crucial to your original intent which is to build brand awareness and trust as well as to drive traffic to your location and site. Those are the only reasons to have a social media marketing strategy. Watching your follower growth can indicate that your business has been picking up some momentum which is always good. The word continues to get out there. People are obviously sharing about your business which is promoting the growth in your traffic. If people are recommending you, it means that your brand awareness is expanding as well as your trust.
  • This is where your overall “likes” and “shares” can play a part. People are “liking” what you are posting and are enthusiastic enough about your company to share it all with their social networks. Stay on top of these movements and regularly check on your referral traffic. It will help you expand your reach. Make adjustments to your content where necessary so that you can keep reaching your core audience as well as engaging whole new segments.
  • The engagement factor is one of the most important metrics you can try and understand. While market share is great, you must also pay close attention to your voice share. Share of voice allows to you know how you are doing with regard to total engagement as well as seeing how you stand against what your rivals are doing on their social media platforms. Have you established yourself as a thought leader in your industry or profession? Are your rivals doing things that you are not and their content is having a greater impact than yours? It is one of the most effective ways to get a true pulse for your audience and potential customers. You can see what content and information is engaging them and it provides a huge opportunity to make your adjustments and to deliver exactly what they want.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer