Are your landing pages driving enough conversions?

The end game of your SEO marketing efforts, as well as your business, is sales. Driving traffic and making conversions is the whole mission behind all of your social media and SEO marketing. The traffic, so far, seems to be there but your landing pages just don’t seem to be making the conversions at a pace you were expecting. So, what’s the problem?

  • One of your major focal points needs to be your mobile strategies and operations. Being optimized for mobile search means reaching nearly everyone out there. Already, mobile phones account for more than half of the web traffic and nearly 65% of all search engine queries. Be optimized and constantly be testing for how your pages are loading in the various operating systems. If you are not fast and functional on smart phones then you are throwing conversions to the wind.
  • Take advantage of heatmaps that will allow you to actually track the mouse movements at your pages. See what is working on your landing pages and what is not and then make your adjustments. Calls to action and speed is everything. Far too many businesses expect someone to fill out a form that contains their life story. Keep it simple and just get the basics. Don’t slow them down. Ask for the sale and then show them exactly what they need to do to accomplish that.
  • Boost your conversion rates by incorporating video into your landing pages and your calls to action. If your photos on the landing page are not moving the customers closer to a sale, get rid of them. Too many small business owners decide to do these things themselves and don’t really know what they are doing. They like the picture so they put it on the landing page. It is just taking up valuable space that can be used to move the customer forward. Craft your videos so that they are making the sale for you. They are the commercial and the sales rep for the landing page so make them effective. Testimonials are the best calls to action you can get. Use a photo of the person giving the testimonial and make sure that they are prominently displayed on the landing page. Video testimonials are even better. You landing pages are your engagement with the customer. Everything must be directed toward holding that customer’s hand until the sale is made.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer