Why your landing pages are killing your conversions

There is, perhaps, no more important weapon in your sales arsenal than your landing pages. This is where all of your SEO and social media marketing strategies converge. This is where all of your efforts are leading your potential customers and clients. If you are discovering that the traffic is not engaging with your landing pages, and that your conversions are simply stale and/or falling, you may want to examine and overhaul your landing pages.

  • Your landing pages are the entire focus of your conversion efforts. They are what convinces your visitors to take action and to buy what you are selling. Are you paying attention to your metrics? Are you measuring your bounce rates and how much time are the visitors spending there? You have to engage them immediately or they are gone. This means you must review your calls to action and make them stronger and more compelling.
  • Another basic problem could be that your pages aren’t loading correctly or they are loading too slowly or they have not been optimized for mobile devices. How many times does a business owner actually go out to their own landing page? Not enough in some cases. Also, are all of your buttons and drop downs loading and are they easy to navigate with?
  • One of the most basic of mistakes, believe it or not, is that many businesses simply don’t know who their target demographic is and where they are. Your conversions are coming up short because you are not appealing to the very people who will buy what you are selling. Also, your pages may need to be updated or they are far too busy and distracting. They need to be focused on only one thing and that is to move the visitor closer to buying. If the pages aren’t doing that, it is time to fix them.
  • Other challenges include that you are leaving your visitors with too many choices. They need few choices otherwise they will become confused or frustrated and will leave. Are your headlines compelling enough? Are they making visitors want to investigate more? Do you have certain trust badges at the pages? Can the potential buyers feel they can trust you? Are your forms too long? Is there any contact information? Do you have enough compelling and engaging content about your products or services? What about your images and your videos? Do you even have any? Videos about your products will boost your engagement as well as your conversions. They need to be there. Are you using language that your target audience can relate to and understand? If the visitor is confused, or doesn’t understand what is going on, it is your fault. The teacher is failing the student.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer