Does less mean more for your conversion rates?

For all of the confusing talk about SEO and social media marketing, it really is rather simple to understand it all. All of your SEO and social media marketing efforts are done for only one reason and that is to drive traffic to your website. Your website, in turn, exists for only one reason and that is to make sales. It is all rather simple but so many companies, especially small businesses, tend to complicate matters to the point where their conversion rates continue to drop and they remain at a loss as to why.

Again, it is all rather simple. If you want to boost conversion rates, you must keep things as simple as possible for those potential customers who come to your site. How many times have you wandered out to a site and found that it is so busy trying to be clever that you can’t figure out what is happening or how to actually buy something? This happens far more often than your think.

One is reminded of a recent experiment performed by a small company. They ran an A/B test on their home page. The first one listed just about every product they had while the second test page just had their major sellers with a “buy now” button. The first page, with everything they had, ended up with a conversion rate that was 50% lower than the simpler one.

The design of your website must be dependent upon your sales and marketing expertise. If you have none, then go and find some. Leaving a website to your own design, or that of a “graphic artist”, is likely to doom you. Do you know anything about sales and marketing? Does this “graphic artist”?

Don’t ever assume that those who come to your site will know what it is you want them to do. Like a child, you must hold their hand and help them cross to the other side of the street safely. You must show them where you want them to go and what you want them to do. Make is garbled and confusing, and they will simply click away and try your competition.

Every page must be as simple and uniquely alone as possible. Separate landing pages for everything is a must. Tell them, show them, how wonderful the product or service is and then lead them toward the purchase. It is that simple. Less really is more if you want to boost your conversions and experience a huge ROI from all of your SEO and social media marketing efforts.

-Written By Kevin Sawyer